Thursday, October 20, 2011

You Know You’re A Slalom Skater if…

10. You think of distances in terms of the spaces between cones.

9. You think of the people on the sidewalk as human cones.

8. You never travel out of town without your skates, tools, cones, chalk, and a meter.

7. You have had a skate signed by your favorite slalom skater.

6. You got a smartphone so you can watch Youtube trick clips while you are out practicing.

5. Half of your Facebook newsfeed is in a language you don’t understand because of all the international slalomers on your list.

4. When you meet Korean people (non-skaters), you ask them if they’ve ever heard of Kim Sung Jin.

3. You hoard old wheels and rationalize that you’ll use them for slide. You learn slides in order to validate this practice.

2. You are always on the lookout for the Holy Grail: the weather-proof outdoor place with perfect floor where you won’t get kicked out.

1. You’ve saved up for months and traveled a long distance to take part in a slalom competition, even though you know you won’t come close to winning.

Just a silly little list I came up with on the train ride home last night. :)
Off to the World Championships in Geisingen tonight with Tim, Pierre, and Alexandre representing Team Belgium, and myself representing Team Americelgium, or something like that. It will be a tiring weekend, but I hope it's memorable and fun, and that I can learn something new from Asian skaters! Also, I hope I do a good job with my classic routine this time, because I've prepared very carefully and had a good time doing so.
As always, thanks for reading.

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