Monday, November 1, 2010

Sitting Tricks, Part 2

I've been promising my friend David for forever that I will send him video of this certain style trick that I do, and I haven't yet made good on that. When I went out skating today, I was going to shoot the video and explain the trick, but it turns out that there was some sort of carnival literally RIGHT NEXT to my skate spot, complete with ponies and small children, and I was already feeling like a sideshow what with the audience I gathered, so I didn't find the courage to shoot video of myself talking into a camera with people watching. I am quite skittish when I am out practicing and people come by to watch. With friends it's not so bad, but by myself I become unnerved.

Then I thought of Gala Darling, who dresses up daily in fancy outfits and parades around in New York's Central Park setting up shots of herself, so really I have no excuse. Next time, the camera comes out no matter what. :)

This does, however, free up some time for me to keep on trucking with talking about sitting tricks. On Thursday I was a bit down about my progress, but then on Saturday and today I showed a lot of improvement in my sessions. I think the learning has had to sink from my brain down into my muscles a bit, but now there's no turning back.

Thank goodness. I've been obsessing about them since I came home from Korea. So, two solid months of obsession and I've got something to show for it. :)

Some handy things to look at as you jump right in to absorb sitting trick goodness:

Vinz Vuvankha's explanation of beginning footgun found here. He also suggests starting off-skates and has some tips I wouldn't have thought of myself, so there you go.

This Skali video showing footgun in excellent slow motion:

What's really exciting in this video is how he is using his "gun" leg to steer him through the cones instead of pumping up and down like I've often seen and suggested. I've never tried this before, but now I certainly will. I will let you know how that goes. Also, if anybody else can chime in about that, I'm very interested to hear.

A good backwards footgun, though the video quality is nothing to write home about. Of course, you can also just look at Fannystyle again to see how it's done. :)

4_sla_faber (footgun backwards)
envoyé par NaraNariViradi. - Découvrez les dernières vidéos de sport.

A Spanish slalom video of forwards Christie:

I can't find a video of backwards christie to post here. I watched a bunch of runs from skaters from PSWC and also from Jeonju (searching for people I know do this trick) but I'm not coming up with anything satisfactory for instructional purposes. I'll make a video of me doing this for next time.

I'm just going to go ahead and say to read Vinz's article for your forwards footgun practicing, and if you have any questions, of course let me know.

Well, I spent too long looking at videos (shame, wasting all this time watching slalom videos...not!) so I'll keep jiving on the sitting trick theme as I can. I'd like to talk about your different placement options for your appendages whilst you execute your footguns and whatnot. I am also going to write about other skating topics, because I realize that not everybody is in a sitting-tricky place in his or her life, so I am going to mix it up. For one, I'll get that style trick up here for David! And if anybody has any trick video requests, I can fulfill them here.

In 24 hours' time, I went:
riding on my bike (to and from skate spot!)
skating (twice!)
to yoga class

Feeling pretty good. :)
As always, thanks for reading!

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  1. So......I'm still waiting for that vid.........(taps foot impatiently)...........X0X0!